"I'm new to Real Estate and just got a new lead and a lot of attraction through Facebook Accelerator."

"As a result of BOLD, I was able to land customers looking to buy. I emailed them listings and they choose 7 houses and I showed them all 7 on Friday. They like 1 house. Also I am going to list 2 townhouses in Indian Rocks Beach for them. This one referral is going to be over $1,200,000 sale for me. I am going to show them the house one more time tomorrow and will be writing an offer!

Fatma Higdon

"While working my full-time job, and being a part-time agent, I am also spending my days helping and working with new agents. Currently, we have 3 agents that have gotten 4 listings within the last 7 days. I personally am working with 2 different buyers at the moment"

Brian Cox

"You must have the tenacity to pursue every lead and the hustle to aggressively market your clients’ properties in order to have success. It’s not just about putting in a lot of time—it’s about working smart, putting in the right amount of time, and doing whatever is necessary to close the deal.

Harold Baker

"I just had two closings and I currently have seven properties under contract! I have a new listing and am about to have another today! I am also currently working with about 10 different buyers!"

Lucy Martinez

"One of my contacts I called through never ending referrals said it was great timing and he was thinking of getting some investment property for rentals. That was Friday and then on Saturday we went under contract for one unit!"

Laurie Nock

"I am holding a first time home buyers seminar on July 25th with myself, my lender and credit repair specialist. We are taking about what each one of us does in the home buying process, the steps to buying a home and even pre qualifying people there. We have had such an incredible response that we had to cancel and book a bigger facility"

Lindsey Anglin

"I got four properties under contract over the weekend. One was written within 24 hours of being listed and the other zero days listed! I also just had two listing appointments!"

Don Jerue

"Being on Floor Duty this morning generated 2 leads; a Listing Appointment and Buyer's Consultation."

Hunter Sims

"All while working my full-time job, i am continuously showing houses all over and doing video previews at sunset beach! I am also working with 3 different buyers currently and keeping up with teaching classes every other Thursday!"

Stephen Willis

"Through my marketing, lead generating, and utilizing the never ending referral process, I was able to get all 6 of my listings under contract within a month and have 10 closings scheduled for the end of this month. "

Austin Waters

Tom Iannucci

"Due to my activities around my business, I listed a house on Thursday, had 4 showings over the weekend and multiple offers. We are now under contract!"

Dawn Van Meter


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