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Generic Set Up for Youtube Channel 

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Quick Message From Your Team Leader!

Chad would love to hear from you and get to know you as a new agent to our company!  Give him a text to say hi! Share with him you are a new agent with our office, your name and your goal that you are excited about for this year! 

His Cell is 863-660-7837

This is a company we partner with to make your set up process so much easier! You will need to know your Market Center Number which is 622

Click Here to fill out all of the data

The Video Below helps walk you through the form if you need extra help.

We believe it is very important to present yourself at a high level with your sphere and prepare on how you show your best face with your Social Media.

To schedule your 15 minute appointment, 

Click Here to Schedule your Photo Shoot

Please review 'General Set Up Items - Set Up Your Relationship with Your Local Association' in Your Market Center Orientation. 


You will need a Facebook Business Page to be able to use our Marketing Systems to produce cost effective leads! Follow the Video to set up.

Format that we would like you to use 

Your Name - Realtor KW Smart 1 

This is a quick Twitter Set Up Video for a generic twitter Account.  You need to make sure that you put your name your brokerage and Realtor

Generic Set Up for Youtube Channel 

This is a program that our office pays for to help you agents have a ton of value immediately.  It may be a bit advanced to set up.  If you are feeling ambitious work to see if you can set up this program.  Or reach out to the staff to learn more about how you can get some help setting this up. 

Once you have your login watch the following video to get comfortable with your KW Intranet. Make sure to pull up a window of your own to follow through real time with what the trainer does!

Make sure to have your Email set up so you can receive proper information about what is coming! If you like your current email system you have an option to forward everything.

Once you have your login for you can also go get into your contact management system at the link below!

For now watch the overview and get some clarity around what the program can do and we will help you get it set up to a higher level as we go!

Part of Success is having a functional and quality website to point your consumers to for interacting with you around your services! Follow this walk through to set up your website and get prepared to market like a pro!

Giving that professional experience is important! We want to be able to help you use all your tools at the top level! Let's learn about the Mobile App!

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